We use Gelish,  Artistic and Magpie Gel Polishes for up to 3 weeks wear

Gel Manicure                   From £20

Gel Manicure & removal  From £25

Gel Pedicure                             £20

Gel Pedicure plus removal      £25  

Gel polish Removal                  £15

(includes mini manicure)

Regular Polish Manicure         £20

(File, nail soak, cuticle tidy, massage and polish)

Luxury Manicure                      £25

(File, hand & arm exfoliation, nail soak, cuticle tidy, massage, paraffin wax application and polish)

Full Pedicure (regular polish)  £25

(Soak, leg and foot exfoliation, hard skin file, nail cutting and filing, cuticle work, leg and foot massage and polish)

Luxury Pedicure                        £30

(As above plus intense mask and heated boots)

Full Pedicure plus Gel Polish  £33

File and Polish                           £10

(regular polish, fingers or toes)


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